Resources -Sound



Adobe Audition – working with video – Importing video and working with video clips

Five Adobe Premiere Audio Effects That Will Make Your Videos Sound Great
NoFilm School video tips:
1. DeNoise, 2. Surround Reverb, 3. Balance, 4. Mastering, 5. Lowpass
(includes this video 6 min 59 sec 5 Great Audio Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro)

Sound On Sound – sound design website
Challenges for sound design for interactive media
Writing an audio design document – Zachary Quarles

Sound sampling explained

Audio connectors and adapters

Microphone types and sensitivity patterns

Soundtrack replacement clips for Assignment 1

Soundtrack replacement clips for Assignment 2

Movie clip sound analysis & replacement exercise demo ‘Apocalypse Now’

Adobe PremierePro New Project & Sequence Setup

Diegetic and Non-Diagetic Sound – web page

Diegetic and Non-Diagetic Sound – Video 2 min 55 sec

Audacity 2.3.2 – free audio editing software PC, Mac

Free sound FX – links to many free sound fx sites

Media College – Audio tutorials

SoundWorks Collection – Video doccos on Sound Design. YouTube Channel

Meet a Sound Designer – Russell Goldsmith, Arts Centre Melbourne – Video 4 min 52 sec

The Magic of Making Sound (Foley) – Great Big Story – Video 6 min 32 sec

See With Your Ears: Spielberg And Sound Design – Video 8 min 33 sec

Mixing audio levels and Best Practices – Video 7 min 35 sec

EQ: Warm a Voice and Improve Clarity – Adobe Audition Effect Tutorial by Larry Jordan


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