Wk 01. 2D Animation


Actual unit of competency being used for this subject:
Interpret and respond to a design brief BSBDES402
26th July 2019, 9:30am – 12 noon, Room W15.1.14



Quick tour of this website A/V Tutes – Audio Visual Tutorials. Class notes will be here. Assignment briefs will be available on Brightspace. All submitted Assignment work should be made to Brightspace.

Look at the resources pages and weekly class calendar page.


Assignment 1 – Short written quiz

  • Assignment Brief available on Brightspace as a Word .doc.
  • To be undertaken in your own time – no in-class time provided.
  • Type your answers onto the Assignment Brief .doc.
  • Re-save the Assignment Brief .doc once completed, and upload it back to Brightspace as your submission.
  • Due, uploaded to Brightspace by the end of class (12 noon), Week 6, Friday 30th August 2019.


Animation basics: The art of timing and spacing – TED-Ed – Video 6 min 42 sec

Intro to Toon Boom Harmony advanced 16

Workspace and Keyboard Shortcuts – brief guide

Brief look at videos we will be following them in detail in coming weeks):

Toon Boom Harmony Tutorial for Beginners: How To Make a Cartoon!
Jesse J. Jones – Video 29 min 33 sec

Toon Boom Harmony Tutorial for Beginners: How To Make a Cartoon! (Part 2)
Jesse J. Jones – Video 38 min 39 sec


10:30am Chuck Jones: Extremes and InBetweens – A Life in Animation – Video 1 hr 25 min


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