Wk. 01 Sound Design Class


Week 1. Introduction to Sound Design.
26th July 2019, 1pm – 2:30pm. Room W 15.1.14


Full enclosure ear-covering headphones are to be worn in class when working with audio. Never undertake Sound Design editing with earbuds or foam cup headphones!

Headphones don’t need to be expensive, but good enough to block out most outside noise and to spare nearby people from having to listen to what you’re listening to!


Intro. What is sound design?
Class discussion about what Sound Design is.

Quick tour of this website, AVtutes – Audio Visual Tutorials. Class notes and resources are provided on this site. Official docs are on Brightspace.
Docs on Brightspace.

Assignments will be given out via Brightspace.
Completed assignments are to be uploaded to Brightspace.


“Off The Record” – Ric Viers, Detroit Chop Shop
– Sound FX recording Video 3 min 20 sec

About Ric Viers – video 57 sec

Heroes & Villains Sound Effects Library Demo – Ric Viers, Detroit Chop Shop – Sound FX recording Video 5 min 19 sec

The Magic of Making Sound (Foley) – Great Big Story – Video 6 min 32 sec

SoundWorks Collection: The Sound of The Avengers
– Video 11 min 41 sec

Meet a Sound Designer – Arts Centre Melbourne – Video 4 min 52 sec

Movie sound replacement – ‘Apocalypse Now’ demo project

Demonstration using Adobe Audition and PremierePro to replace the soundtrack in a short movie clip, using free sound FX from the web.
See notes here – Apocalypse Now soundtrack replacement project.

Class Exercise in small groups

Brainstorm sound FX for Horror and Haunted
Think of categories such as ambience (house, castle, cemetery, forest, crypt, mad scientist laboratory etc.), animals, creatures, paranormal, gore, cracks, creaks, zombies, production elements/musical stings, etc.

15 min – paper & pens – no computers

Regroup. Neal to write ideas on whiteboard.


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