Wk 03. 2D Animation


Actual unit of competency being used for this subject:
Interpret and respond to a design brief BSBDES402
9th August 2019, 9:30am – 12 noon, Room W15.1.14


Exercise 2 continued from last week

Drawing a stick figure
Stick figure walk cycle
Moving walk cycle across the screen sing pegs and keyframes

These tutorials will use the first 19 minutes of this video:
Toon Boom Harmony Tutorial for Beginners: How To Make a Cartoon!
Jesse J. Jones – Video 29 min 33 sec


Improving the walk cycle

ALAN BECKER – Animating Walk Cycles – Video 3 min 52 sec

Minimum 2 poses for walk cycle
– swap sides, arms & legs, to repeat
12 frame cycle: 2 poses.
Contact/passing poses only
More realistic – down and up poses added.


12 frame cycle: 4 poses.
Down/up poses added to contact/passing poses

Lengthening frames – Extending Exposure, repeating cycles

Suppose you initially set your animation up for 24 fps. By default, the timeline will show 24 frames for each second of time. Suppose you make a walk cycle sequence of 12 drawings; each drawing on a separate frame. You will have a sequence of 12 individual drawings Exposed for 1 frame each, over 12 frames. At 24 fps, it will play for half a second.

But suppose you want the animation to play at half the speed, for one second (half the speed, double the length).

To do that, you need each drawing to be Exposed for 2 frames instead of 1 frame. There’s an easy way to stretch out (increase the Exposure of) all 12 frames in one go, instead of having to stretch each frame individually.

TIP: If you want to extend the Exposure beyond the current end frame in the timeline, or want to repeat a cycle of frames, first grab the red handle and drag it to the right to a suitable frame number so that there is enough room for increasing the exposure.

To repeat a cycle: Make sure to drag out the End Frame marker far enough to accommodate the repeated cycle. In this example, the 24 frame cycle will be repeated twice, to end at frame 72.

Select the frames (so that they turn blue), then right mouse click and select Create Cycle…


Reminder: Assignment 1 quiz

Available on Brightspace from Week 1.
Due, uploaded to Brightspace by the end of class (12 noon), Week 6, Friday 30th August 2019.


FYI – Toon Boom Harmony Webinar

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