Wk 08. 2D Animation


Actual unit of competency being used for this subject:
Interpret and respond to a design brief BSBDES402
13th September 2019, 9:30am – 12 noon, Room W15.1.14


Due on Brightspace at the end of class today: Exercise 4 (from last week): Four Animated GIFs demonstrating four of the 12 Principles of Animation.


Flour Sacks

Drawing and animating Flour Sacks are a great way to explore weight in movement. Just like keeping the volume of a ball constant as it squashes and stretches, it is important to keep the apparent weight of any character constant. The techniques of movement for a Flour Sack can be used as the basis for movement of a human torso. A Flour Sack can also show many emotions through its poses.

Here are some Flour Sack animation videos:

Flour Sack Animation – Video 24 sec

Flour Sack Animation Assignment – Video 1 min 5 sec

Flour Sack Animation – Video 30 sec

Floppy Flour Sack Walk Cycle – Video 5 sec

Flour Sack Battle – Video 1 min 41 sec

Exercise 5: Produce a simple Flour Sack walk cycle

Remember to use the 4 walk cycle elements: Contact, down, passing, up (see the tutorial and video on Week 4 if you don’t remember), plus any relevant principles from the 12 Principles of Animation (see last week, Week 7 for more info)

Due as a MOV file on Brightspace by the end of class next week, Week 9, 20th September.


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