Wk 10. 2D Animation


Actual unit of competency being used for this subject:
Interpret and respond to a design brief BSBDES402
11th October 2019, 9:30am – 12 noon, Room W15.1.14


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  • Reminder – Assignment 2 due next week
  • Assignment 3: Flour Sack Superhero TVC Promo Animation


Assignment 2

Due Next Week 18th Oct

Interpret and respond to a design brief:
Colonial Airlines Treatment

About ‘treatments’
Small businesses or organisations may or may not have their own marketing department, but larger ones often do. A media savvy client, particularly one with its own marketing department, will develop a brief and synopsis outlining their advertising requirements. This would then be sent to a trusted advertising agency, or to several agencies to see what they all come up with; how they will ‘treat’ the brief and synopsis. Other not so media savvy clients may entrust the whole process to the agency, or deal directly with a production house and get them to develop the synopsis and treatment.

Typical of the movie making industry, is that a production company will hire a particular director known for his or her particular style of treating scripts, and therefore, the kind of movie that director will make. If half a dozen directors are given the same script, their treatment of it will vary, and potentially six very different movies would be made. A production company wouldn’t give a script to Steven Spielberg if they wanted the kind of movie that Quinten Taratino would make!

To create a treatment, you should briefly explain how you would interpret the synopsis and create the final work. The treatment is ‘your take’ on the synopsis and will be different from someone else, just as Spielberg and Taratino would be different.

This exercise
For this exercise, pretend you are part of an ad agency and a client is looking around agencies including yours, to see who they will give their advertising business to. You are to develop a short treatment for the client’s brief. You will be in competition with other agencies (students). It will be interesting to see from the one brief what treatments everyone comes up with. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ idea, but whatever you come up with needs to target the market mentioned in the brief.

Info to include:

Advertising Agency           Client                           Date of proposal             Duration
You!                                     Colonial Airlines            Date  18th Oct 2019     X Sec. or 1 min

Create a short written treatment for a TVC (TV Commercial) to address the requirement of the synopsis below. Copy the supplied synopsis and paste it into your proposal. The synopsis can not be changed. The duration is up to you and would be part of your treatment. Typical lengths are 15 seconds, 30 seconds and 1 minute (the choice would partly depend on the client’s budget).

You don’t need to go into technical details of how you will make the advert… all you are doing is trying to show the client how you will treat their advertising requirement (supplied to you in their synopsis). If they like it, you will get the green light to move on to the next stage. If the client doesn’t like yours, or likes a rival agency’s treatment better, then you simply move on to the next job opportunity. At least you haven’t spent too much time working on a job you didn’t get.

“Colonial Airlines is already getting its fair share of the business flyer market, but where there’s room for improvement, is with the occasional traveler; especially the family traveler market.”

Unless you are very good at describing visual things using written words, your treatment should probably include dialogue (actors lines and/or a voiceover). If your treatment does include dialogue, make sure to include an initial script idea within the treatment. This won’t necessarily be the line-for-line final script, but should at least include a description of what the voiceover or actors might say.

If you get past the treatment stage, you would then develop the final script and may even change it and refine it at the storyboard stage. Just be aware that if you don’t use dialogue and want to rely on visual communication alone, you will need to be very, very good with that sort of thing in order to effectively target the market mentioned in the synopsis. It’s often easier to support visuals with dialogue.

Submission and Presentation
It is a requirement of this study unit for you to have meetings with others involved in the project. We will be doing this by sharing in class what we have done, and receive feedback from fellow students. It will be useful to hear how other people handle the treatment of the same synopsis. Everyone will be required to upload their treatment to Brightspace (PDF or .doc) and present their treatment to the class next week.

Presentations will be followed by a short clip from a relevant movie to see another possible angle on the creative process, ideas and treatment that could go into winning the client’s advertising business.

This is an exercise to interpret and respond to the client’s needs (specified in the synopsis of their brief), and creatively come up with a story idea and proposal (treatment).

Example Treatment PDF



You will be assessed on how you can take a client brief and create an idea to address the client’s requirement (as outlined in the provided synopsis).

You will also be assessed on how you meet the requirements of this brief, including paying attention to all the details of the info to included.  


Assignment 3: Flour Sack Superhero TVC Promo Animation

Based on what you learned from Exercise 5: Produce a simple Flour Sack walk cycle (Week 8)

Brief – Overview:

Groups (of 2 or 3) project

Each group is to produce a 30-60 second animation of a flour sack ‘superhero’. The animation is to tell a short story, serving as a promotional short for an upcoming TV series about your flour sack super hero. You will need to create a name for it.

Incorporate as many of the 12 Principles of animation as you can. For ideas, have a look at the sample videos provided in Week 8

Requirements (performance criteria):

  • Groups should appoint a production manager, and decide on what tasks each group member will be responsible for.
  • Interpret the design brief (the info provided to you on this page and as an official brief on Brightspace)
  • Generate some initial concept and developed design sketches and design ideas through research, exploration and experimentation.
  • Discuss design ideas and sketches within the group and refine ideas as they develop
  • Have at lease 2 meetings with the client (teacher) to present and discuss ideas and receive feedback.
  • Act on client feedback; refine ideas, proposals as necessary. Resubmit to client as needed.
  • Produce at least one outline drawing animation prototype for client evaluation prior to colouring and production of final.
  • Production diary: Accurately document planning and production work. Include any planning and production images, screengrabs, notes and other documentation. Submit as a Word .doc or PDF.
  • Each group member must make a meaningful contribution to the project. Make sure to include in the production diary information about who in the group did what, and a brief evaluation of how the project went.


Full colour animation featuring animated flour sack and simple animated or static background. As this is a promo for a superhero TV series, you can create a logo and other assets such as graphic overlays.

Between 30 and 60 seconds.
Tip: Keep it manageable for the planning and production time you have. Longer doesn’t necessarily mean better!

(final output file for upload to Brightspace):
.mp4 video file, 720HD (1280 x 720), 24 Frames Per Second

Must include an audio track with background music and appropriate sound effects. No character dialogue required, but a voiceover may be added if you wish (in which case you will need to write a short script). You can base this on what you have learned from Sound Design class. Sound effects and music may be web sourced, but must be royalty-free.

Deliverables to Brightspace:

Each member of the group is to submit to Brightspace all the group deliverables listed below, under each group member’s own name.

Upload by end of class, Week 15, November 15th 2019

  • Final video .mp4
  • Production diary as either a word .doc or PDF. Screengrabs and any hand drawn notes and sketches (scanned or photographed) should be embedded as images – no paper submissions please!)


In-class screenings will be undertaken in our final class, Week 16, November 22nd 2019.