Wk. 10 Sound Design Class


Week 10. 11th October 2019, 1pm – 2:30pm. Room W 15.1.14


Review of submissions for Assignment 3 – Replace video clip soundtrack, record dialogue. Was due on Brightspace Week 9 (last class before holidays).

Today – review submissions in-class. Time for sharing submissions and group discussion and feedback.


Continuing on with Assignment 4, given Week 9, Sept 20th…

Assignment 4 – Create a ‘Soundscape’
Due on Brightspace end of class Week 12, October 25th.

See Brightspace Week 9 for Brief.

We don’t normally think much about the various sounds around us in a typical day, but this assessment will require you to really listen, be aware of, and think about the sounds around you.

You will be required to create a ‘soundscape’ of around 2 minutes duration, featuring your own recordings of a typical day in your life, either at home or elsewhere.

All sound files must be your own original recordings – no sounds from the internet of other pre-recorded sources are to be used!

You will be required to write a short planning document (min 3 pages) analysing the day you have chosen, regarding the types of sounds you normally hear, later to be record for inclusion into your soundscape project. This doc should include a list of the sounds you plan to record and a timeline of when they will appear.

You may record the sounds anyway you choose; using a video camera and extracting the audio files from the video files; using a microphone and audio program such as Audition, Audacity etc.; a mobile phone; a portable field audio recorder.

The library of individual sound files you create must then be trimmed to remove excess pre/post noises, then edited together into one audio file representing your soundscape.

You will be provided with a sample project called ‘A day in my home office’. You can use it as a model for your own project.

Each student must submit to Brightspace:

1) Finished audio ‘soundscape’ file of about 2 minutes duration, as either a .WAV or .AIF file.
2) A planning doc as either a Word .doc or PDF of at least 3 pages, discussing the various sounds in your typical day, and including a list of the sounds you will try to record. This must also include a basic flowchart of how the sounds will be edited into the larger ‘soundscape’ file.

Make sure to include your name on your .doc or PDFs, and include your name in the finished soundscape audio file name.

Make sure to keep all your assignment project work… and make a backup!

Sample Project

Refer to the ‘A day in my home office’ sample project as a guide.


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