Wk. 11 Sound Design Class


Week 11. 18th October 2019, 1pm – 2:30pm. Room W 15.1.14


Continuing with Assignment 5, plus hand-out of Assignment 5.

Assignment 4 – Soundscape due next week!

Assignment given out Week 9, 20th September. Visit week 9 for details.


Assignment 5 – Replace video clip (your choice) soundtrack, record dialogue.

Assignment Brief is available on Brightspace.
Finished assignment is to be uploaded back to Brightspace.

Due Date: Wk 15, November 15th (must be uploaded to Brightspace by end of class)
Screenings will be on Week 16, Friday 22nd November.

This is similar to Assignment 4 which was an assignment for individuals with some group work, but…

This assignment is for individuals, not groups.

1) Choose a video clip for which you will replace the soundtrack.
2) Finished duration must be between 2 and 3 minutes.
3) PG Rated!
4) You may edit longer video source material to the length you need, but it must still convey the story (don’t chop up 10 minutes of video into a 3 minute clip and end up with a disjointed story – it still needs to make sense!)
5) Transcribe the dialogue and create a script.
6) Plan, find and record the sounds (can be a mix of web sourced and own recordings – you must have some original sound effects recordings!)
7) Record the dialogue (you may borrow other students to assist as voice actors.)
8) Include some suitable background music – no copyright sensitive material please!
9) Create a soundtrack and produce a final video which will be uploaded to Brightspace, along with required documentation by the end of class, Week 14, 8th November.

Enhance the vocal dialogue recording

Each individual student is to apply Adobe Audition’s Parametric Equalizer filter to enhance the recorded dialogue audio. Refer to the Larry Jordan tutorial article
EQ: Warm a Voice and Improve Clarity.

Final video size, format

To keep file sizes manageable, video should be edited and the final produced as an .mp4 no larger than 720HD (1280 px wide x 720 px high).

File Management

Make sure you manage all your project folders and files neatly.
Make sure to keep all your project folders, project files and sound files! Backing up all your work is a good habit!

Deliverables: 6 items. Each student must submit to Brightspace:

1) Finished 2 – 3 minute movie clip with your own soundtrack, including dialogue replacement, music and sound effects.
2) A screengrab showing your project folder and file management
3) A screengrab of your Adobe Audition multitrack project
4) A Word .doc page reflecting on your work during the project. How did it go? What worked? What didn’t? Room for improvement? What would you do differently next time?
5) A Word .doc copy of your dialogue transcript.
6) Your Sound FX Running Sheet list and music style thoughts as a Word .doc

Make sure to keep all your assignment project work… and make a backup!


EQ: Warm a Voice and Improve Clarity – Adobe Audition Effect Tutorial by Larry Jordan

Refer to the Apocalypse Now demo project as a guide.


RØDE Microphones ‘Golden Ears Challenge’

RØDE’s Golden Ears Challenge is an interactive quiz to see how good your audio knowledge and ears are. RØDE are offering prizes of VideoMic packs. The competition closes 10th December 2019.

They have a free PDF ‘Audio For Film 101’ guide available which you can download from the Golden Ears Challenge web page by signing up for the RØDE newsletter (well worth signing up for if you are interested in audio, particularly for film and video).

Make sure to have a look at the Audio For Film 101 tab. Sure it’s a plug to promote their products, but there’s some very good info there.