Wk. 12 Sound Design Class


Week 12. 25th October 2019, 1pm – 2:30pm. Room W 15.1.14


Assignment 4 – Soundscape due today!

Assignment given out Week 9, 20th September. Visit week 9 for details.


Continue working on…

Assignment 5 – Replace video clip (your choice) soundtrack, record dialogue.

Assignment Brief is available on Brightspace
(given last week, Week 11, 18th October)
Finished assignment is to be uploaded back to Brightspace.

Due Date: One extra week! – Wk 15, Friday November 15th
(must be uploaded to Brightspace by end of class).
Screenings will now be on Week 16, November 22nd.


Video: 12min 34 sec:

Sound Design: Lying To Your Ears